We Need Help!!

FOFF needs volunteers to help with the FOFF Membership
and CD Booth at upcoming festivals.
If anyone is already at these festivals and could lend a hand, that would be awesome.
We sort of have some workers in place, but unloading to set up the booth, and then break it down
and put it back in the trailer is where an extra pair of hands would be needed.
Goody Haines has been having trouble with her knee and could use some help.
If you have been enjoying the benefits of FOFF all these years, it would
be nice if you could pitch in duing the loading and unloading

ALSO: We are looking for another board member to serve as treasurer for the organization.  
Please contact Gary or one of the board members for details


 Booth 4897235974389414536 B

If you think you can help. Please download the attached PDF form and mail it to:
Goody Haines,  

If you have questions,
please contact Goody

Volunteer form for FOFF (PDF Form)