March 15 Thursday, Sarasota, RESONANT ROGUES, Fogartyville, 525 Kumquat Ct, Sarasota, 7pm,

Location Fogartyville
525 Kumquat Ct
The Resonant Rogues is the songwriting soul child of partners Sparrow and Keith Smith. The pair met in Asheville in the Autumn of 2012, and their instant spark lit a blaze that could not be contained. Since then, they have dedicated their lives to crafting and sharing their music with the world, touring extensively across the US and Europe. The Resonant Rogues are difficult to define, but easy to enjoy. With a passion for folk music that spans continents and oceans, these songwriters bring a new relevance to old styles.

The Rogues weave the threads of European, Middle Eastern, and American folk music together into a beautiful tapestry that simultaneously showcases tradition and innovation. Though the full lineup has shifted throughout the years, the soul remains the same, and stellar musicianship is a constant. Featuring a core sound of vocal harmonies, accordion, guitar, and banjo, they are often accompanied by fiddle, upright bass, and percussion.

The Rogues’ latest album, Hands in the Dirt, is out on May 12th, and the group will be touring the US and Europe in 2017 to support the album and satisfy their adventurous spirits.