Edward "Doc" Flemming
Folk Singer and Supporter
March 19, 1919 - March 4, 1981





"Doc" Flemming played music with the original Black Eyed Pea March Society and collected Florida folk instruments, music and folk tales, cabinetmaking and wood carving, hand guns, oil painting, and playing the five-string banjo, guitar, and dulcimer. His involvement in the Florida Folk Community was significant. He was one of the original trustees at the Stephen Foster Folk Center and had a long friendship and association with Cousin Thelma Boltin. Doc, Thelma Boltin, and Luther Rozar helped start the fist off-shoot folk festival of the Florida Folk Festival by starting the Heart of Florida Folk Festival at the Pasco County Fair. He continued to organize small music sessions and always encouraged everyone to participate in the musical experience at some level.

Doc brought his talents as a group psychologist and as a folk singer together to create “folk dynamics”, the art of bringing people together and opening up personal expression thru folk music.