Dale Webber July 1, 1937 - Oct 27, 2009
On Sunday Dec.13, 2009 Dale Webber was honored at a memorial gathering at the church at the Dade City Pioneer Florida Museum, Dade City.

Folk musicians gathered to honor Dale in anecdotal or appropriate musical tribute...

painting by Jo Webber




The sound man has gone home my f riends,

The sound man has gone home,

He's wound his cables, and packed his gear,

The power is down and the stage is clear,

A few vibrations still linger hear,

The sound. man has gone home.


The banjo man's gone home my friends,

The banjo man's gone home.

He has lifted his instrument off his knee,

Taken his chair from beneath the tree,

His notes still ring in inf inity,

The banjo man's gone home.


My teacher has gone home my friends,

My teacher has gone home.

I remember the stories and songs and lore,

From sailing ships to the civil war,

The words to a hundred songs and more,

My teacher has gone home.


All Blessings


Judy Ashe Barrett Wednesday, October 28, 2009