Dale Webber July 1, 1937 - Oct 27, 2009
On Sunday Dec.13, 2009 Dale Webber was honored at a memorial gathering at the church at the Dade City Pioneer Florida Museum, Dade City.

Folk musicians gathered to honor Dale in anecdotal or appropriate musical tribute...

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James Gamble Rogers, IV
January 31, 1937 - October 10, 1991

"The stories I tell are all true except
the few that are obviously whimsy."


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Steve Blackwell

April 18, 1948 -September 4, 2006

Blackwell, well known as a musician and songwriter on the Florida folk scene, a teacher at Charlotte High School and a founder of the Guitar Army that plays weekly and welcomes anyone, died at 58 years old. Steve lived in Punta Gorda and was  the grandson of a vaudeville performer.  His passions for poetry and storytelling was reflected in his life and in  singing folk songs.


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Renowned Florida Original Songwriter, Robert Orr"Bobby" Hicks, 54, Tampa died Wednesday, December 19, 2007, following a short illness. Descended from a pioneer family of the Tampa Bay area, Bobby was born in Tampa on September 4, 1953.

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