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by Rick Ferris
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 January 7, 2018

Here's some jam and jam-related news:
[DETAILS are down BELOW !!]

~~~ the jam ~~~ the jam ~~~ the jam ~~~ 
On Tuesday January 9 the jam will be back at Cece's House in Temple Terrace.
On January 23, the 4th Tuesday jam will be at Boba House, near USF.
~~  other jam news  ~~  other jam news
The north Tampa Bluegrass Jam convenes at Boba House on Mondays.
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Rick Ferriss has compiled some advice on jam etiquette.
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A few other local music links are at the end of this intro section -- suggestions welcome.
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Some details about the jam are online at http://www.folkjam.org/recurring-jam/us/fl/tampa/free-form-acoustic-jam

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More info about local jams and related events (updated september 2015):

** The Friends of Florida Folk website has lots of statewide folk info, including a page that lists jams all over Florida (http://www.foff.org/index.php/recurring-events-mainmenu-72/189-recurring-music) -- jams in our area are listed in the WEST CENTRAL section, part-way down the page. There's also a Tampa Jam page, with a copy of this newsletter, at: http://foff.org/index.php/recurring-events/tampa-jams-news/tampa-jams. And the FOFF home page has info on various festivals and other folk-related events (http://www.foff.org/index.php/foff-home-page-mainmenu-1-1).

** Jim Glover manages the voluminous emails for the venerable Sarasota/Bradenton Wednesday jam (of which the Tuesday night Tampa jam is an offspring) -- if you'd like to receive them, email him at jimglover@verizon.net

** folkjam.org/ -- lists lots of jams all around the world. After some down time, the site is back working again.

** Tampa Bay Musicians Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/tampa-bay-musicians/

** www.musictampabay.com has internet radio and lots more about local music (including plans for a new low-power St Pete radio station)

** The Tampa Bay Open Mic Meetup is for anyone who enjoys performing in or attending open mic nights:

** TBJammers is a Yahoo group : "an "anything goes" group for those in the Tampa Bay area who want to discuss music, open jams, open mic nights, or … ": https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/TBJammers/info

~~~ the jam ~~~ the jam ~~~ 
On Tuesday January 9 the jam will be back at Cece's House in Temple Terrace (near MOSI). 

7:00 pm until

5023 E. 110th Ave 33617

813-989-9261 / 417-1655

Directions to 5023 E. 110th Ave
-- From Fowler Ave, Turn South on 50th street at the light by MOSI
-- Drive about 0.4 miles to 110th Avenue.
-- Turn Left on 110th Ave
-- Cece's house is the last house on the Right -- on the corner of 51st ST & 110th Ave-- brown trim with white stone parts.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not park in front of Cece's next door neighbor's house on 110th.
(Cece will put a orange cone out there. You can park around the side of her house on 51st street.)


On January 23, our regular 4th-Tuesday jam will be at:
Boba House
(in the strip of shops at the Sears end of the road that runs to Sears from Bruce B Downs (30th st) [by Panera Bread])
7:00 to 9:00

Here's a recent Bluegrass Jam email from Ward:

From: alfolk@aol.com
Subject: Tomorrow night's Boba jam
Date: January 7, 2018 6:52:45 PM EST

Hi and Happy Sunday...
For those whom we missed at Martin's house (Thanks again for the hospitality...) on New Year's Day, there's another chance for musical fun tomorrow night starting at 6:30.  I may be a little late because of my Pastors on Patrol meeting, but will be there ASAP.
Hope you'll be able to join us.

Boba House
(in the strip of shops at the Sears end of the road that runs to Sears from Bruce B Downs (30th st) [by Panera Bread])
Bluegrass jam: 6:30
Boba's Facebook page:
Jam Etiquette
Recently there's been some discussion about jam etiquette/ guidelines/ rules.
Lots of advice is available online, but it mostly relates to types of jams different from ours (bluegrass, old-timey, blues, jazz, etc). There's much similarity, but also important differences.
Here are some ideas based on my experience with free-form jams like ours (25 years or so). There are few rules, but lots of potential considerations. Comments, suggestions, alternatives, etc are welcome and will be included in the jam email if requested. 
    -- Rick Ferriss (tampajam@earthlink.net) (thanks to Cece for helpful suggestions)
The basic format:
1. We go around the circle and everyone gets a chance to choose a song. The chooser usually becomes the song leader, but it's ok for the chooser to have someone else lead and/or sing the song.
2. The song leader is the temporary leader of the jam. They choose the key, the tempo and rhythm, the chords, and the arrangement of verses, leads etc. Usually, the leader sings the verses and other singers join in on the chorus.
3. Everybody else plays what they want to (or can choose not to play).
Out of this chaos can come great music or garbage music. The jam feels and sounds better when people behave wisely.
Wise jam behavior:
-> A good song leader will:
  choose a song that:
   * is familiar to at least some of the jammers (obscure or original songs are ok, but they should be as easy to play along with as well-known songs)
   * has a simple chord structure.
   * is played with first position guitar chords (C, G, D, A, E, Am, Dm, Em), and does not require a capo on guitar.
   * has a sing-along-able chorus (easy words, opportunity for harmony).
  and a good song leader will perform the song:
   * in tune.
   * competently, with minimal need for paper or electronic assistance (try to have a few songs practiced, learned and ready to lead)
   * visibly (so people can see the fingering hand [particularly for guitarists] -- don't let a music stand block the view).
   * loudly enough so that others can follow -- people can't know the timing and rhythm of the song unless they can hear the leader's instrument.
  *  with a reasonable, steady tempo (not too fast or slow).
   * with consistent timing (no dropped or added beats or lines).
   * with space for playing leads.
   * giving a chance to all potential lead players (a name and/or nod to each when it's their turn).
   * for a reasonable period of time (generally less than 5-minutes or so).
-> A good jam player will:
   * play in tune.
   * play at an appropriate volume, so that they can listen to both what they play and what others play.
   * play softly if they are not certain about the chords.
   * follow the leader's chords, tempo, etc.
   * not play or sing over someone's lead instrumental or the song leader's singing.
-> A good lead-taker will:
   * play loud enough to be clearly heard, but soft enough to clearly hear others.
   * play more softly when not playing their lead.
   * stop after one verse unless there is a clear consensus for more.
In general:
be mindful of the music and how your playing contributes to the overall sound
be flexible -- give people some slack (including yourself)
be positive and kind -- be helpful, gentle and appropriate if giving advice (including to yourself)